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Affiliate Disclosure

At, as the website owner I feel I need to be as honest as possible, with that being said please note that I will be placing advertisements on the website in the forum of Google ads. These ads will be text blocks that will have a notation displaying “Ads by Google”. Also I will be adding products to this site, in which I will receive a compensation for any purchases made by site visitors. The products on this site are not on here for the sake of commission but are there to help you, as I have personally tested & use these products on a daily basis and I will only mention products that will truly help you within the context of this website. My goal with this website is that you leave here knowing what you intended to research & learn and in order for this site to exist I must make some form of income to pay for hosting. I hope me being honest has only strengthened our relationship and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.