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Beat Breakdown

Welcome to How To Make Beats  – Beat Breakdown series.
This series will breakdown beats created in BTV Solo and discuss the various elements within the beat.

 Note: This series is aimed at the beginners to beat making and those who are not familiar with the inner workings of how to make beats and how beat makers construct beats. If your not a beginner then you might have learnt or know most of what I will be discussing but your more than welcome to follow along with the series, you never know you might learn something new!!!

The format of this series will consist of a detailed article breaking down the composed beat. I will discuss each element such as kick, bass, lead. However these elements will vary depending the beat in question. I will include several audio samples of each element so you can follow along, although I would advice you to purchase btv solo as this is the software I will be using for this series.

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What will I gain from this series???

This series will consist of several beat breakdowns of different types of musical genres such as rap beats, hiphop beats, trap beats and so much more. At the end of every breakdown I will discus the genre in itself and give you an idea of what type of sounds, rhymes and the types of grooves associated with that genre.

I’m not sure the schedule of when I will release this series. I think I might release a few at first just to get the series started, then I might release one every week. It all depends on how busy I am as I have my beat website to maintain as well. Stay tuned as this might change.








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