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Beat Making Software

Beatmakingsoftware1In this article, I’m going to discuss why btv solo is the best beat making software & why you should consider buying it in the following headings. And I’m also going to discuss some of the disadvantages with the software as I feel you need to know this before making a purchase.


Get the beat making software I use in this video here


Beat Making Software

In today’s society, with beat making software becoming extremely popular and growing exponentially, this allows for greater availability of knowledge on how to make beats on your computer. Over the past decade beat making programs have paved the way for aspiring producers, to make beautiful pieces of music in the comfort of their home. There are many beat making programs available for you to choose from but the best music making programs available in today’s market, that allow you the ability to create various styles of beats with exceptional quality & a easy to use interface for a fraction of the price of the music production software’s available today. What is the software called? It is none other than btv solo.

  1. Very little learning curve involved
  2. Setup & go
  3. Sounds available
  4. No external equipment needed
  5. Price
  6. Buggy Software
  7. Sample Mode only available on btv pro
  8. No mp3


Very Little learning Curve Involved

In a previous article on how to make beats I discuss the interworking’s of the beat making software and how easy it is to learn how to use the software. Once you get the btv solo software, you could be making beats within a couple of hours, while our beat making software’s will take weeks to learn before you can start making beats on it.


Sounds Available

One of the best features about btv solo is the sound’s that come with it, the software comes jam packed with over 1000+ sounds for you to utilize. These sounds are completely customizable to your liking, so you can create a sound that is unique to you & not sounds like every other producer. Industry producers created the sounds in this beat maker, so you can expect quality sounds.


Set up & go

Another great feature about this music production software is how quickly you can set up this program & and start making beats instantly. With most hip hop beat maker’s you would have to route inputs and outputs and setup kits, but with btv solo this is all done for you, thus allowing you more time to make beats.


No External Equipment Needed

To use most music production software’s in the market today you would need a midi controller. Btv solo keeps the midi interface simple in that can use your keyboard to make beats. You can still make high quality beats using your keyboard. In the video above I show you how to make beats using just an apple keyboard.



beat making software

Another great feature about the btv solo software is the price. Most beat making software’s on the market today cost anywhere between $200-$600, which is a lot of money to invest in for someone who is just starting out. The btv solo only costs $49. Which is crazy considering the sounds and overall quality of the product.


Buggy Software

The btv solo software can be buggy at times. It’s not bad in that the software is unusable it’s just annoying at times. I would recommend saving a lot just in case you loose some of your work


Sample Mode only available on btv Solo Pro

If you purchase btv solo & and not the pro edition, you wont be able to use the sample function e.g. chop up a sample. This is ok as you can chop up a sample in audacity if you want to edit a sample. Considering all the other features with btv solo it is still great for the price. I wouldn’t consider this a disadvantage but it’s worth mentioning.


No mp3 Support

The btv solo edition doesn’t support .mp3 files only .wav. Again not a huge flaw within the btv solo edition as you should be using .wav if you want to export in the best quality possible but is also means that anything you are importing needs to e a .wav file type. This can be remedied by purchasing the pro edition.


My Verdict

With all these factors I have mentioned above I truly think btv solo is a must for any beginners starting out. The sounds that come with it are amazing & it is so easy to use. When talking to newly establish beat makers, their number one reason for not producing beats is the software that their using has steep learning curve, which frustrates them, thus leading them to quit. On the other hand, with btv solo, new producers don’t have this problem & and are able to complete the task they set out to do in the first place and that’s all you want from your software, it shouldn’t be a hindrance in your ability to how to make beats.