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KRK Rokit RP5 Are A Perfect Entry Level Professional Studio Monitors

Released in 2008, the krk rokit series have been a staple within home recording studios and now on there 3rd generation, just keep getting better!.Krk, a Gibson owned brand, create professional monitors that produce a balanced and authentic frequency response, with adequate bass tones and quality imaging. The krk rokit’s deliver the most truest and accurate sound to the engineer making it the best monitor for this price range, overall the krk rokit’s are a very good pair of professional monitors that will allow you to hear detailed nuances within your mix, regardless of the genre.

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The Sony’s mdr 7506 Might Be around For More Than twenty years but Are Still The Industry Standard In Professional Studios

The Sony MDR-7506 were first introduced in 1991 and too this day have been a mainstay in most professional studios. With the professional market in mind the headphones offer a well balanced sound with good bass tones solid mids and crystal clear highs if i had to pick a week note in terms frequency it would be the bass as i feel it doesn’t offer that “punch” below 55 hertz that other headphones offer but it more than makes up for it. Overall, an excellent pair of headphones and one that i use personally, everyday!!!

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Music Theory 101: How Chords Work

Music Theory is like Math. But for many of you who don’t particularly like Math, no need to fret because music is the only activity that stimulates the most – if not all – parts of the brain. According to Western researchers, music does not only tickle your auditory senses but also tinkers with your emotional, creative, and even motor facets of the brain. Hence, when you apply the theories you will learn today, it will be a lot easier than algebra.

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Will Nicky Romero’s Kick Plugin Replace your Kick Sample Library?


When it comes to dance music the kick is perhaps the most essential element and the most difficult to get right. Dutch house mega producer Nicky Romero and Sonic Academy team up to create a virtual kick synthesiser that packs a mighty punch. The plugin helps producers tackle an important element in a very unique way and. The Nicky Romero drum kick synthesiser is a must for all dance producers and For the price of £24.95/€29.95/$39.95 is a bargain.

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Beat Breakdown: Episode 2 “South Cash Villain”

Every month I compose an article with a specific beat in mind. It normally consists of different patterns, which dissect the elements within the track. These usually include drums, leads and bass patterns. I do this so you have a visual representation of what this patterns are. You can also use these pattern styles in your own projects.

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