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How to make rap beats

It can be hard for some people to comprehend the difficulty and work ethic that how to make rap beats can be. The complex and diverse nature of hip hop beats can be difficult, but is a necessity in the hip hop culture. The following article will discuss the breakdown and the complexity of how to make a rap beat and prove some insight into the beat making process.


Sounds that pack punch

When making rap beats, most beat makers make the mistake of using generic and flat sounds. A prime example of this would be drums, particularly kicks and snares. When u listen to a well produced rap beat, the kick is “tight” and “punchy”. One of the main reasons why I like btv solo is the drum’s that comes with it. These drums kits are exactly the sounds that offer the tightness and punchiness to a track.

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Structure is key

When it comes to making beats, most often or not there is a structure that comes with it. This is no different when it comes to making rap beats.  If you plan on selling you beats, you must have structure that rap artists can follow and are familiar with. The structure normally consists of


  • Intro
  • Verse 1
  • Chorus
  • Verse 2
  • Chorus
  • Bridge
  • Chorus/outro


This can vary in order but the premise of the structure remains the same to a certain degree. There are a lot of different genres that follow different structures. If you search online, I’m sure you will find a structure that suits the genre you want to make a beat in.


Let your music reflect you

When we look at other hip hop producers, they have their own defining sound, For example when we look at Timbaland, his beats are very distinctive, he puts a lot of attention into his drums. In my opinion his drums are a unique characteristic of Timbaland himself. Every time you hear one of his beats, you’re thinking, “that’s a Timbaland beat”. Do some thinking on what will define your beats, will you take the same route Timbaland took and let drums be your define characteristic or will it be a distinctive lead or boomy bass that’s defines who you are. At the end of the day the decision is yours to make.



The Bass Line

Once you have constructed the drums and created a melody of your beat, the next step is to create the bass line. One of the most common mistakes I hear when I listen to a beat made by a new beat maker is a bass line that isn’t in the right key, so make sure you don’t make this mistake.


Effects are your friends

To make a track sound really good you need to use effects. Using reverb is a great way to brighten your snares and claps. However you must use it lightly as two much reverb will ruin the beat.




Mixing is Important

Once you have completed the beat, the next step is to mix it. The best advice I can give you to achieve a great mix is to view your mix like a box in that you don’t have unlimited space, If your drums take up half the box you only have the other half of the box to place your bass lead etc. A balancing act is required if your beat contains a lot if elements.




Thank you for reading this post on how to make rap beats, if you haven’t already, give my video a watch above, there I break down a beat I made using btv solo. Thanks again peace out!!!