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The Sony’s mdr 7506 Might Be around For More Than twenty years but Are Still The Industry Standard In Professional Studios

The Sony MDR-7506 were first introduced in 1991 and too this day have been a mainstay in most professional studios. With the professional market in mind the headphones offer a well balanced sound with good bass tones solid mids and crystal clear highs if i had to pick a week note in terms frequency it would be the bass as i feel it doesn’t offer that “punch” below 55 hertz that other headphones offer but it more than makes up for it. Overall, an excellent pair of headphones and one that i use personally, everyday!!!


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Incredible value for money
well balanced sound will solid bass tones, very clear mids and crystal clear highs
Solid Build construction, very comfortable for long sessions
Two 40mm drivers @ 24ohms,which can be easily powered and even allows mobile devices to reach very high levels!!
Includes a clip adjustment for precise adjustments on head
Includes pleather bag for protection & transportation


The ear pads don't offer the best comfort, they can also get hot after several hours of use.
Has a non- detectable coiled cable that some people might not like
The ear pads degrade after a year's worth of use.


Key Features

The headphones consist of a strong durable plastic. The headband is made up of exterior pleather, with two metal brackets contained within it. The inner headband has a adequate amount of padding and doesn’t get uncomfortable after long uses. The left ear cup has a coiled cable that can stretch to about 10 feet.It is important to note that this cable cannot be removed so if you are not a fan, it’s something to take into consideration before buying.

The connection consists of a 3.5mm connector but it does include a 6.5mm connection that screws on for the best connection. The headphones can be adjusted on each side of the ear cups and have a click adjustment for precise headphone placement and can extent quite a bit to accommodate heads of all shapes and sizes. On each ear cup there is a small cable that runs from the end of the headband too the ear cups, from my own personal experience with these headphones i never had any problems with this cable but it is something you need to be aware of and careful of.
The ear pads themselves are of an oval circuit shape and will fit, for the most part over the ears. The padding itself is quite comfortable but after several hours of use, they can get hot. You can get Beyerdynamic Ear Pads that will fit this, this will offer much more comfort but will cost you extra but if you are wearing these headphones for hours at a time, the comfort will out weight the cost.
The Sony MDR-7506 are packing a 40mm driver and are only 24ohms which makes them very easy to power and as a result you get plenty of volume perfect if you want to listen to your mixes on your phone when your on the go!.

Comfort & fit – 5/5

Sound Quality – 5/5

Design & Build Quality – 4.5/5

Noise Isolation – 5/5

Price – 5/5


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Amazon Customer Reviews


  • Willa Porter

    At first I thought that the Sony MDR 7506 studio monitoring headphones were just overrated. I didn’t expect them to be as good as everyone was saying. I thought it was kind of fishy that they were always in articles about the best mixing headphones on the market. I was thinking maybe the manufacturer was just paying all these people to say these nice things about it, but now that I have my own pair, I can honestly say it’s excellent and I never should have doubted it. Best studio monitoring headphones ever, hands down.