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Will Nicky Romero’s Kick Plugin Replace your Kick Sample Library?

When it comes to dance music the kick is perhaps the most essential element and the most difficult to get right. Dutch house mega producer Nicky Romero and Sonic Academy team up to create a virtual kick synthesiser that packs a mighty punch. The plugin helps producers tackle an important element in a very unique way and. The Nicky Romero drum kick synthesiser is a must for all dance producers and For the price of £24.95/€29.95/$39.95 is a bargain.


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Incredible value for money
The ability to create HUGE fat drum kicks
Over 175 presets to choose from, including 40 presets of Nicky's private kick collection!
Includes over 180 click samples & gives you the option to upload your own click samples
Includes a built-in brickwall limiter
Allows for complex tweaking, making it easier to create a unique kick, with your own personal touch added to the mix.


Presets could have been added, (including tom and percussion elements) to highlight the versatility to the plugin
No manual included to understand & tackle the advanced options.
Because the click sample is separate, a stereo width control knob of the click sample would have been ideal


Key Features

The kick drum synthesiser comes with over 175 presets with forty Nicky Romero kick and 30 click presets. All packing Nicky’s signature sound.
Accompanying these killer sounds are some incredible effects including a signature distortion unit, that has been tailored to Nicky’s taste.

How does it work??

Three multi-breakpoint envelopes (with no apparent limit to the number of breakpoints that can be added) enable shaping of the Click volume, sub Amp(litude) and sub Pitch over time. Handily, each breakpoint in the latter envelope is tagged with its pitch (both note name and frequency), and sections can be curved by dragging. Each envelope also has a Length slider that sets its duration (50-3000ms).

Quality Of Presets – 4.5/5

Creative Outlet 4.5/5

Ease of Use – 4.5/5

Installation – 4.5/5

Price – 5/5


Our Rating: